36 new taxi stations in Salonica

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A total deal that includes 36 taxi stands (new and extensions to existing ones) agreed the city authorities of Thessaloniki and the Ermis Taxi Owners Association of Salonica. There are still a few arrangements for as the deal is not officially approved by the formal procedures. The agreement was reached in an attempt to address the problem posed by taxi causing traffic jams by forming huge queues in unofficial taxi stands, even within bus lanes.

The plan is to create taxi stations and stands on roads perpendicular to Tsimiski, Queen Olga, Egnatia, K. Karamanli. Some candidate roads like those are Ethnikis Amynas, Pavlou Mela, Agia Sofia, Benizelou, Delphon, Kallidopoulou, Kouskoura, Carolou Deal, 25th March, Markou Botsari, Petrou Sindika, Laskaratou, and so on. Additionally, there was an agreement to create taxi stands on Toumba area, where the oficial approval by the municipal authority is already granted.

The two sides came to a deal in order to find a solution to the actual problem. The initial demand from Taxi drivers was to create taxi stands on the left side of Tsimiski, and Queen Olga roads, while the mayor’s side proposal was to keep taxis outside the centre of the town, around the harbor and the Music Megaron (concert hall) as well as additional measures to keep some of the taxi cabs outside the city centre (by even / odd license plate numbers). Just before reaching an dead end, the two sides found a common ground and therefore a solution.