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Welcome to Greek Taxi info site that hosts all the information you need to know before using a Taxi in Greece .

The purpose of this site is primarily to inform the passengers who use or wish to use a taxi as a transportation mean in Greece, while in Athens, Salonica, or anywhere else in the country. Here you will find information on Greek Taxis, contact details and directions for getting a taxi in the province, sorted by region or city. Also, information on economic data relating to the use of taxis, costs, extra charges, tips, find out your rights and obligations as a passenger, guides to avoid uneccessary risks and travel safely. Also, there is an NEWS section that filters all the latest news for the taxi related information that you need to know (like raises in pricelists / charges, new obligations or laws on taxi usage, scheduled strikes of taxi drivers, etc)

We hope you find useful and informative the Greek Taxi in Greece site! If not, we would love to lister to your suggestions / recomendation in order to improve ourselves.