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Obligations of passengers:

• Be neat, polite and avoid anything that might cause damage to the vehicle.
• Do not smoke unless they get permission from the driver.
• Be responsible for the children, pets and rest of their possessions they have along in the vehicle.
• If the taxi gets dirty and messed up because the passenger’s fault, the passenger is obliged to cover the cost of cleaning the car.
• Blind people and people with disabilities or mobility problems as well as pregnant women are always given priority, even when standing at the end of the queue.

The obligations of the driver:

• To be decent, polite and willing to serve each and every customer.
• Do not smoke unless they ask and get a permission from the customer.
• To give any information asked regarding the taxi and the services offered (price, route and any customer’s question).
• Do not carry more passengers than those that the taxi license permits.
• To keep clean and tide the car (inside and outsite).
• To return any lost items found in taxi, to police or the owner if known.
• Do not turn on the car stereo and not to open car windows without your permission. However, there is no restriction on the window beside the driver’s seat.
• To follow the shortest route to the destination of the client, unless the client asks for a different route.
• Have a map of the area / city that taxi operates.
• The driver cannot board any other passengers unless you have been asked about it and has gotten your permission.
• During the evening hours he/she has to turn off the light of the “FREE” sign when the taxi cab is occupied and activates the indicator when the vehicle is empty.
• To activate the taxi meter when you enter the vehicle.
• The taxi driver cannot refuse to serve you, unless you are under the influence of illegal drugs, if you are not focused and able to communicate or accompanied by a person who is.
• To assist you carry your luggage inside and outside the vehicle.
• If you request, the driver must provide an official invoice or receipt. The receipt should indicate the total amount, the license plates number of the vehicle, identification number of the taxi and the driver’s name.