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36 new taxi stations in Salonica

A total deal that includes 36 taxi stands (new and extensions to existing ones) agreed the city authorities of Thessaloniki and the Ermis Taxi Owners Association of Salonica. There are still a few arrangements for as the deal is not officially approved by the formal procedures. The agreement was reached in an attempt to address more

Taxis on 2 days general strike in Greece

There is a 2 days general strike coming on Wednesday and Thursday 19th & October 20th, 2011 where taxi owners / drivers are participating. More strikes and movements are expected the forthcoming week along with owners of trucks and tankers. Also, due to the general strike several stoppages of the rest public transportation means are planned for these two more

No taxis on Friday Oct 14 in Greece – No public transportation in Athens

There will be no public transportation today, Friday, Oct 14th, 2011 in the capital of Greece Athens, while the protests are rising as the taxi owners are on strike too, for the whole day. On Friday morning the traffic in Athens is rather increased, after missing bus, trolley, subway, metro and tram services for the more