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There are two types of taxis according to the way they charge for a route:

The (well known) taxis, having a taxi meter that caclulates the cost of the route, based on distance and waiting time. You will find them in all major cities in Greece

– and the (marketable) ‘agoreo’ (in Greek) taxi, usually found in villages, small cities or islands. In these taxis there is normally a predifned (in sign) pricelist for the most common routes, or you agociate the price for the ride with the taxi driver for a route that is not already written.

For the first category, the taxi meter cab, where the cost for a route is not predetermined, the final price for your ride is a calculated by the taxi meter like this; for as long as the car moves, the charge is based on the mileage. When it is stopped (traffic jam / traffic lights) the charge is changing to a time basis. If you are (or get) outside the city limits or the late night hours, the charge is higher (pricelist / tariff 2). Usually, this change (due night time or city limits) does not occur automatically but is triggered by the taxi driver when is needed. Just make keep in mind and make sure, that they are also changed back to lower pricelist (tariff 1) when appropriate.The cost per kilometer, the charge per hour, the single and double tariff price, are set by the Ministry of Transport. You can find it the latest and most updated pricelist currently in use in our site, as well.