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Attica is a region of Greece on the Aegean Sea, the location of the city of Athens. This is┬áprobably┬áthe first place that you will be in Greece, if you came by Air (Athens International Airport is located at Spata, Attica) or by boat (Pireaus is the most popular Greek port). In case you came by boat from Italy, then you are probably at Patras – Peloponese, which has a popular sea connection by ferries and boats from Italy.

Some other major cities within Attica are:
Athens is the city where most visitors enter the country and the center of many major museums, archaelogical sites, and other attractions, as well as the major national transportation hub.
Lavrio has recently been developed as a third ferry port and also offers some local attractions.
Piraeus will figure in most visitor’s itinerary as the major ferry port, though it also has an interesting museum and a few other attractions.
Rafina is an alternate port service some islands.