Beat: subsidies for electric taxis

Beat is taking initiatives to promote e- mobility , starting a program of subsidies and special offers that will enable motorists to buy a new electric taxi at a significant lower price.

Taxi driver in Vegas finds and returns $300,000 to pro poker player

Las Vegas taxi driver Gerardo Gamboa thought someone left a bag of chocolates in the back seat of his vehicle, but the stash turned out to be $300,000 (NZD$367,000) in cold hard cash.

Greek taxi vs Japanese taxi – Greece wins says BBC

A british research by BBC channel shows that using a taxi in Athens, Greece is more easy, cheap and fast than using a taxi in Tokyo. For the same distanse of 10kilometers the reporter paid about 43$ while in Greece for the same taxi trip only $16.

36 new taxi stations in Salonica

A total deal that includes 36 taxi stands (new and extensions to existing ones) agreed the city authorities of Thessaloniki and the Ermis Taxi Owners Association of Salonica. There are still a few arrangements for as the deal is not officially approved by the formal procedures. The agreement was reached in an attempt to address more

46 more taxi drivers arrested for taxi meters fraud

Another arrests’ wave happened the past 2 days, where 46 taxi drivers were arrested by Attica Traffic Police, during targeted checks for unapproved interferes at taxi meters and cashier machines on taxi cars. The checks took place outside railway stations, hotels, hospitals and malls in Athens and Attica.

27 taxi drivers were arested for tampered taxi meters

Police arrested 27 taxi drivers for intervention on the taxi meter and the cash register their vehicles. This was the conclusion after routine checks conducted Wednesday and Thursday at various taxi stations of Attica. The result was a total of 26 fines imposed, totalling 130,000 euros.

Taxi driver found and gave to police wallet with 2100 euros

At Patmos, a Greek island, a taxi driver found a wallet with 2100 euros and credit cards. Without a second thought he turn it over to the police. This is a living advertisement of Greece and the morality in Greek people, especially the ones working in the tourist industry.

These are the reasons taxi drivers are on strike

The taxi drivers are on strike as they are opposed to the new bill that “liberates” further the transportation market and has been included to the new packet of laws that the ministry has introduced for confirmation.

Two days strike for taxis this November

Taxi drivers and owners go on strike starting this Monday (November 5th, 2012) at 5am, until Wednesday (November 7th, 2012) at 5am. Their plan is to repeat whole day (24 hours) strikes within the following days in order as a protest against the new round of austerity cuts by the government. Also, strikes in the rest of urban public more

Taxis on 2 days general strike in Greece

There is a 2 days general strike coming on Wednesday and Thursday 19th & October 20th, 2011 where taxi owners / drivers are participating. More strikes and movements are expected the forthcoming week along with owners of trucks and tankers. Also, due to the general strike several stoppages of the rest public transportation means are planned for these two more