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46 more taxi drivers arrested for taxi meters fraud

Another arrests’ wave happened the past 2 days, where 46 taxi drivers were arrested by Attica Traffic Police, during targeted checks for unapproved interferes at taxi meters and cashier machines on taxi cars. The checks took place outside railway stations, hotels, hospitals and malls in Athens and Attica.

These are the reasons taxi drivers are on strike

The taxi drivers are on strike as they are opposed to the new bill that “liberates” further the transportation market and has been included to the new packet of laws that the ministry has introduced for confirmation.

Greek taxi fares pricelist (2011-2012)

PRICELIST (valid from 01/01/2011- updated 30/10/2012) CHARGE (in euro) VAT (+13%) TOTAL (in euro) Initial charge 1,05 0,14 1,8 Tariff code 1 0,60 0,08 0,9 Tariff code 2 1.05 0,14 1,25 Charge per hour 9,60 1,25 15 Radio Taxi (telephone booking) 1,70 0,22 1,92 Radio Taxi (fixed time pick up) minimum rate 3,00 0,39 3,39 more