No taxis on Friday Oct 14 in Greece – No public transportation in Athens

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There will be no public transportation today, Friday, Oct 14th, 2011 in the capital of Greece Athens, while the protests are rising as the taxi owners are on strike too, for the whole day.

On Friday morning the traffic in Athens is rather increased, after missing bus, trolley, subway, metro and tram services for the public. Starting this dawn, there is also a 24-hour strike of taxi owners, they expressing their opposition to the bill of the Ministry of Infrastructure for the full liberalization of their sector.

According to information tomorrow motorists will meet to determine the course of their way to protest in the coming days and will have to decide on an “idea” regarding a 3-day strike scheduled for next week, which will partly coincide with the 48-hour strike declared GSEE and ADEDY.

The owners of trucks and tankers will decide next week for a potential strike. Noted that the bill declares that the profession will be fully released from January 1, 2012 rather than mid-2013 as required by applicable law that was passed by the House by his predecessor in the Ministry of Public Infrastructure.

Source: Eleftherotypia