27 taxi drivers were arested for tampered taxi meters

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Police arrested 27 taxi drivers for intervention on the taxi meter and the cash register their vehicles. This was the conclusion after routine checks conducted Wednesday and Thursday at various taxi stations of Attica. The result was a total of 26 fines imposed, totalling 130,000 euros.

The checks were in front of the metro stations Egaleo  and Agios Dimitrios, at subway stops of  ISAP Piraeus and Neo Faliro and various other parts of Athens and Piraeus.
The results were that 23 of the drivers had placed special cabling and modifications, which increased the amount charged on the taxi meter and in some cases interhears on the wiring, causing the malfunction of the cash register, se they could not issue / print any receipts.
Three of them had turned completely off the cash register by unplugging it from the power supply. Moreover, in the possession of a taxi driver found cannabis weighing 11.9 grams and a 23 cm long blade knife.Those arrested will be brought to the prosecutor.


Source: protothema.gr