Taxi driver found and gave to police wallet with 2100 euros

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At Patmos, a Greek island, a taxi driver found a wallet with 2100 euros and credit cards. Without a second thought he turn it over to the police. This is a living advertisement of Greece and the morality in Greek people, especially the ones working in the tourist industry.

George Gampierakis was driving back to Chora, Patmos around last Thursday’s midnight when he spotted an item in the middle of the road, near to St. Barbara area. He stepped out of his car, pick it up and found out that it was a purse carrying 2100 euros, credit cards and the owner’s id. As he admits, he didn’t even think of keeping the money. He drove to the police and turned the precious wallet in.

The French lady owner of the purse, was for vacation at Patmos and she probably dropped it while she was riding  a bike, without even noticing it.