These are the reasons taxi drivers are on strike

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The taxi drivers are on strike as they are opposed to the new bill that “liberates” further the transportation market and has been included to the new packet of laws that the ministry has introduced for confirmation.

As it seems the issue is the newly introduced option for Car rental businesses to rent a car along with its driver. This will be an option for tourist agencies but also for hotels. The taxi union called POEITA decided to continue the strikes and other similar actions that started on Monday until Thursday November 8th. Another meeting will take place on the morning of Tuesday November 6th, 2012 and then a march will follow to the Parliament, at Athens downtown, Syntagma sq.

The Taxi Federation is asking the government to withdraw the specific article / paragraph from the bill and blame the Tourst Business Union as the motivator behind the specific licensing.

The ministry on the other hand, claims that there will be further clarification and adjustments so the core business of taxi owners and drivers will not be affected.